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Central heating service and repair

In addition to gas boiler, cooker and fireplace servicing we also offer servicing for central heating systems.
The service check includes checking the systems pressure, recharging your system to ensure you have a correct balanced working pressure. Also checking for general defects and signs of leaks in and around your hot water cylinder is fundamental for the lifetime of your system and also the quality of water within your property. We also check components such as combination valves, zone valves and pressure relief valves.

To assess the cleanliness of your central heating water we conduct full water treatment tests, in cases of severe corrosion our central heating power flushing service can restore efficiency to over 90% in turn reducing annual energy costs and saving you money. As part of our service, we ensure proper filter protection for your system. If we identify the absence of filters, we recommend installing the best efficiency filters to safeguard your home or business.

As apart of a central heating service we take a very close look at your cylinder to ensure it’s free of any leaks, damage or defects and also vent your cylinder to ensure it is free of any airlocks, dirt or debris.

Carrying out these essential central heating servicing checks to your heating system gives your system potentially 4 to 5 years extra lifetime. It can also help against the build up of corrosion and also identifying small leaks and scale damage in around your hot water cylinder, expansion vessel or other components on your central heating system.

During your central heating servicing, it’s beneficial to receive professional advice on potentially defective parts and replace them to extend your system’s lifetime.

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In addition to conducting central heating servicing we also address potential issues with components on your central heating system. These components may be defective, potentially reducing the system’s overall efficiency.

We also repair or upgrade of any electrical controls to your heating system will keep your system running at its highest efficiency.

In many cases, a specific part or zone of your central heating system may not be working. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

In such cases we are able to replace old and worn out system parts, unblock parts of heating systems and zones that may not be working i.e. third floor or ground floor, also repair and replace faulty thermostatic valves that may not be working on your central heating system and have the option of having them controlled via your smart phone or tablet. 

If you are experiencing any issues related to your central heating system or are looking for an upgrade for your home or business please do not hesitate to contact Better Gas today and find out how we can help you to keep your system up and running at its highest efficiency.